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Cat's Eye Gems from GEMaholics

15094 Chrysoberyl CE,
Md Brownish Yellow, 4.38 cts round cabochon measuring 9.0x8.9x5.8 mm, eye clean (silky), from Sri Lanka. A fine chrysoberyl cat's eye that displays a very strong cat's eye due to the strong silk within the gem.
Priced at $600/carat or $2,628.00/gem
9223 Phenacite CE,
Colorless, 51.50 cts round cabochon measuring 21.0x16.8 mm, v lt incl, from Sri Lanka. We offered several phenacite cat's eyes from Sri Lanka over the years. Much of the material is transparent enough to facet yet contains sufficient silk to produce a rare cat' eye. This gem is the largest we have been privileged to offer. It displays a very strong eye for this gem specie.
Priced at $80/carat or $4,120.00/gem