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11267 Alexandrite,
Md Yellowish Green/Pink, 2.25 cts oval cut measuring 7.5x6.5x6.0 mm, v lt incl, from Madagascar. Another fine alexandrite that exhibits a strong color change. This gem displays a little more yellow in daylight with a change to a strong pink under incandescent light.
Priced at $2.500/carat or $5,625.00/gem
2196 Pyrospessartite Garnet C.C.,
Md Brownish Green/Orangish Red, 3.04 cts freeform oval cut measuring 10.4x8.2x3.6 mm, lt incl, from Sri Lanka. This color change garnet was mined in Sri Lanka long before the discoveries of other color change garnet deposits in Kenya, Tanzania, and Madagascar. The color change is quite strong in a gem that was native cut to recover as much weight as possible.
Priced at $400/carat or $1,216.00/gem