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Gallery of FINE GEMS from GEMaholics

7435 Alexandrite,
Md Green/Pink, 3.54 cts oval cut measuring 9.2x8.3x5.6 mm, v lt incl, from Tanzania. This is an exceptional alexandrite and is the one we use to display the color change these gems exhibit when we are doing shows. A small patch of silk is present to indicate the natural origin of this gem.
Priced at $4,000/carat or $14,160.00/gem




12604 Morganite,
Lt Pink, 19.61 cts cushion cut measuring 23.3x13.1x9.1 mm, eye clean, from Brazil. An exceptional morganite of pink color without the peach overtones often associated with Brazilian morganites.
Priced at $80/carat or $1,568.80/gem




12432 Rhodolite Garnet,
Md Dk Intense Purplish Red, 20.24 cts oval cut measuring 16.1x12.9x11.3 mm, v lt incl, from Sri Lanka. This is a very large rhodolite for Sri Lanka. The color is quite intense and the inclusions barely visible.
Priced at $150/carat or $3,036.00/gem




14138 Ruby,
Md Dk Intense Pinkish Red, 4.35 cts oval cut measuring 12.0x8.6x5.3 mm, v lt incl, from Viet Nam. A large size for a ruby. This gem contains just enough silk to indicate its natural origin. It also exhibits a strong chromium spectrum distinguishing it as a ruby.
Priced at $9,000/carat or $39,150.00/gem




10561 Spinel, Cobalt,
Dk Intense Blue/Purple, 6.65 cts round flower brilliant cut measuring 11.9x7.1 mm, v lt incl, from Sri Lanka. A larger cobalt spinel of dark, intense blue color. We are seeing very few cobalt spinels coming out of Sri Lanka in recent years.
Priced at $800/carat or $5,320.00/gem




16032 Tourmaline, Rubellite,
Md Dk Reddish Pink, 4.65 cts checkerboard oval cut measuring 14.7x8.7x5.6 mm, v lt incl, from Brazil. We believe this gem to have originated at the famous Cruziero Mine in Brazil. All production from this mine is now being shipped to China where it is cut and marketed.
Priced at $250/carat or $1,162.50/gem