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16242 Danburite,
Md Lt Orangish Yellow, 45.93 cts shield cut measuring 31.0x19.6x12.7 mm, eye clean, from Madagascar. A very large danburite with fine cutting and clarity.
Priced at $60/carat or $2,755.80/gem




19062 Scapolite,
Md Dk Reddish Purple, 9.43 cts square emerald brilliant cut measuring 17.7x17.4x 14.9 mm, eye clean, from Tanzania. This gem displays the medium purple common in purple scapolites, however, it also displays a very strong red flash that was prominent down the C axis before cutting. Priced at $125/carat or $1,178.75/g

12993 Sinhalite,
Dk Orangish Brown, 70.40 cts diamond cut measuring 38.8x23.2x15.5 mm, eye clean, from Sri Lanka. A huge sinhalite of fine clarity and color. Large sinhalites such as this gem are known from Sri Lanka although production of these gems has fallen off in recent years.
Priced at $90/carat or $6,336.00/gem