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Star Gems offered by GEMaholics

16391 Aquamarine Star,
Md Grayish Blue, 52.31 cts oval cabochon measuring 23.5x19.9x15.1 mm, lt incl, from Tanzania. We have seen a few aquamarine cat's eyes over the years. Most are 4 rays, however, this gem displays a 6 ray star when viewed under an intense point light source.
Priced at $80/carat or $4,184.80/gem
9634 Ruby Star,
Md Dk Purplish Red, 6.40 cts oval cabochon measuring 10.1x9.3x6.2 mm, v lt incl, from Sri Lanka. A very fine ruby cabochon that displays a strong six ray star on a transparent body with just very light silk present.
Priced at $1,200/carat or $7,680.00/gem
11158 Sapphire Star,
Dk Intense Blue, 6.14 cts oval cabochon measuring 9.2x8.0x7.9 mm, eye clean, from Sri Lanka. An exceptional sapphire star with a transparent body and a strong six ray star. We were told that often a piece of rough with this clarity would be heated to remove the silk and then faceted, however, our source at the time knew we were searching for a top quality star sapphire and had it cut to produce this world class gem.
Priced at $2,200/carat or $13,508.00/gem

16755 Sapphire Star,
Md Dk Blue, 10.69 cts oval cabochon measuring 15.1x12.9x5.0 mm, lt incl, from Sri Lanka. A fine six ray star sapphire that is well suited for a man's ring.
Priced at $400/carat or $4,276.00/gem